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Nowadays accidents or assaults can happen quickly and the worst scenario would be if no one knows exactly where you are. Therefore, we have developed an app, Pocket Protector. When you trigger an emergency, your emergency contact will be informed within seconds about your Location via SMS.

App features

All basic features at a glance

How do i use Pocket Protector?

How does the App work, how do i use it?

The Hearth

Pocket Protector is a no-brainer and it's really easy to use. When you start the App for the first time, you need to choose a PIN Code. After that, you can activate the Basic Protector over the Dashboard. By default, only the alarm function is activated.

  • For better protection, we recommend to eneable 'Help Me!' in the Settings. Help me is not enabled by default because you need to specify some additional Parameters.
  • To use Help Me! you need to manually activate GPS. If you enable your Protector without GPS, a message will remind you to enable it.
  • In an emergency situation, you just need to pull out your Headphones. The Alarm starts instantly, additionally when Help Me! and GPS are activated, an SMS with your Location will be sent to your Emergency Contact after a specified time.
  • To disable your Protector, you need to enter the previously specified PIN. It is not possible to reset your PIN once the Alarm is triggered. In addition, you can specify a Lockdown Time; this is the Time you have to reinsert the Headphones in case of a false Alarm.

Possible uses

Some possible uses of Pocket Protector



In case of a raid or assault, simply pull out the headphones and scare away the attacker. Should he not be put off, the emergency contact is notified when Help Me! is aktivated.



If you are alone on the mountain and something happens, you can notify your emergency contact about your Location. So you can speed up the rescue.



Also on the track, you can use Pocket Protector to get help quickly.



Enjoying the countryside? Again, Pocket Protector can help you in an Emergency.


Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for Pocket Protector

  • Why is Pocket Protector only avaiable for Android? iOS App?

    Currently, it is not possible to develop the App for the iOS users due to the restrictions imposed by Apple. We are still trying to work on a solution. For other operating systems, there is currently no app in development.

  • Why do i need a Snowbit Account?

    We only need the Account in Case you forgot your Protector PIN and need to reset it!

  • Pocket Protector has saved me, how can i thank you?

    We are pleased to hear that we could help you and that's exactly the reason this app is made. We are happy for every Thank You we see on our Facebook page or E-Mail, also further recommendation in your circle of friends.

  • I have an idea for Pocket Protector, how do I submit it?

    We are always thankful and open to new ideas, send them to us and we will see what we can do.


Here are some Screenshots of the App.


Both versions for comparison

Pocket Protector Basic


The Basic Version of Pocket Protector including the Pocket Alarm and Help Me! Basic is avaiable for Free.

  • Pocket alarm
  • Help Me! Basic
  • Help Me! Pro
  • Fall Detector
  • Unannounced Feature
  • Basic Settings

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